Version 3.0.2

Posted on December 20, 2011

3.0.2 introduces significant changes in the Sandbox application along with some minor bug fixes to dyn4j and some new features. Specifically, small CCD improvements, a new fixture filter TypeFilter, and tangent speed settings on contacts. Bug fixes include: a fix to the Body.setMass(Mass.Type) method, auto-sleeping bug, and a rotation disc computation bug. In addition, both dyn4j and Sandbox have been internationalized (any volunteers for translating?).

The Sandbox includes many new features and fixes. First, is the ability to add Rays to test raycasting. Next, all output angles are in Degrees (GUI, xml, and java files). Finally there is a new Export feature to export a simulation to a Java class file. This allows you to create a simulation inside the Sandbox application and export it for use in your application.

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